On 26th August 1995, the puck was dropped in the first ever game for the Manchester Storm. In the following seven years, the Storm entertained over 2 million fans, rose from the bottom of the Ice Hockey Superleague to become Champions, won the Benson & Hedges Cup in an unforgettable match, had rivalries with our nearest and dearest and generally gave the people of Manchester the thrills, spills and excitement associated with the best sport in the world.

Sadly, on 7th November 2002, the curtain came down as the club succumbed to financial problems and closed.

Fire on Ice started as a bit of a laugh in 1996. Almost by accident, the match reports and mailing lists hit over 1000 regular users and what started as a bit of fun grew into the most complete historical record of the Storm anywhere on the Internet. It contains scoresheets of over 80% of Storm games, articles, thoughts and match reports. Most of all, it contains statistics and information for every player who ever played for the Storm, plus almost every player who went head to head with Manchesters finest.

Mark Jones approached me to put Fire on Ice back onto the Net and after procuring a sufficient supply of Round Tuits, well, here it is. Please excuse any bugs or missing links, I'm trying to nail them down as quickly as I find them. If you do find a problem, please email me at mike@mikelanders.co.uk and let me know what it is.

A huge round of thanks to Andy Costigan for supply of gamesheets. Without that, this difficult task would have been impossible.

The Fire on Ice archive is now hosted on the www.manchesterstorm.co.uk server - the official Storm archive